Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey denies gay accusation

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey denies gay accusation

With just three weeks before the election, GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Dawson criticized Governor Ivey over a ADECA grant money going to a now-defunct gay and lesbian group from Huntsville.

"This is a disgusting lie being pushed by a paid liberal political hack", said a statement provided to Birmingham NBC affiliate WVTM 13.

In this case, Todd made her comment on Twitter and Facebook but has since either removed or protected those posts.

Dawson said the grant payments started during the Bentley administration, a time in which Ivey was the lieutenant governor. Todd has since made her accounts private.

Todd, who outed Ivey out of frustration with the governor's comments, was the first openly gay state representative in Alabama when she was elected in 2006.

Ivey, pictured above, became governor in April of a year ago, following the resignation of former Gov. Robert Bentley. Dawson called the organization an LBGTQ "activist" organization that should not have been given the money and said Ivey "betrayed" the people of Alabama by awarding the funding.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey denies gay accusation
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey denies gay accusation

"There is absolutely no truth to it", Hancock added. She laughed and said, "Do I look upset?" Before 2002, she was a registered Democrat. "This bill is not about discrimination, but instead protects the ability of religious agencies to place vulnerable children in a permanent home", she said in a statement. The Executive Director of the organization, Alex Smith, stated, "Scott Dawson is clearly desperate for attention in the late stages of the made the unfortunate choice to use LGBTQ Alabamians as a political punching bag".

Ivey, who was attending a chamber of commerce event in Tuscaloosa, was asked by media if she was upset about Dawson's accusations.

Earlier this year, INTO spoke with Todd about Moore's run for the State Supreme Court and she expressed how hard it is to run as a democrat in Alabama.

Dawson said he doesn't want anyone to be bullied, pointing to his own childhood in which he was bullied for a weight problem.

Ivey, 73, is also a known Trump supporter and is part of a push for the president to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Despite some Alabamians sharing their disgust that Ivey failed to condemn Moore's sexual misconduct and rampant anti-LGBTQ views, her current approval rating is the third-highest in the country for sitting governors.

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