Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Volvo Cars to eliminate diesel engines from the new S60 sedan

Volvo Cars to eliminate diesel engines from the new S60 sedan

Volvo Cars' commitment to a long-term future beyond the traditional combustion engine is already known.

Not the new Volvo S60 saloon, which is due late spring. Come 2019, every Volvo in the lineup will be available as a mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or battery-powered electric vehicle.

"Our future is electric and we will no longer develop a new generation of diesel engines", Volvo Chief Executive Officer Hakan Samuelsson said.

That said, even petrol engines will eventually be phased out, with Volvo referring to the hybrid models as a "transitional" stepping stone on the road to full electrification.

The new S60 is yet to be revealed, but it will be based on the same platform as the V60 estate, which was launched earlier this year and is available with diesel engines. Today, it announced that the new S60, which will be built in South Carolina, USA, will not be offered with diesel engines.

Volvo XC60 powertrain The Car Expert
Twin engine powertrains as used on the XC60 will b effete din the S60

Samuelsson went on to explain that Volvo now feels that hybrid, mild-hybrid, and plugin-hybrid technology have overtaken diesel not just in terms of reducing emissions, but also now in terms of cost, both at the time of vehicle development, and when that vehicle is subsequently in use.

As mentioned above, the new S60 will be the first new Volvo without a diesel option.

Although diesels now emit more Carbon dioxide per kilometer than their petrol counterparts, Samuelson said hybridisation will help match figures achieved by diesels. The announcement is largely geared towards Europe, where most Volvo models compete in segments where diesel still represents a large percentage of sales. Specific options for the United States will be announced at a later date.

In August previous year the Geely-owned Swedish auto manufacturer publicised its target of selling one million electrified vehicles, stating that all of its new products will include an element of EV technology from 2019.

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