Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Trump Tower transcripts released

Trump Tower transcripts released

Newly released interview transcripts from the Senate Intelligence Committee show Donald Trump Jr. struggling, in real time, to keep his story straight.

Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Mueller is also looking into the matter.

The June 2016 Trump Tower meeting has been central to those probes.

"I'm not sure that the House was required to substantiate every conclusion with facts", Burr told reporters last week, when asked whether the Senate Intelligence Committee would also find fault with the intelligence community's assessment.

But the day after the blocked call - and two days before the Trump Tower meeting - the elder Mr Trump announces that he would be making a "major speech" the following week "discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons".

"The Russian effort was extensive, sophisticated, and ordered by President (Vladimir) Putin himself for the goal of helping Donald Trump and hurting Hillary Clinton", Warner said.

"I didn't think that listening to someone with information relevant to the fitness and character of a presidential candidate would be an issue, no". Democrats had pressed Grassley to subpoena Kushner for his testimony or schedule a public hearing for Trump Jr., but he chose not to do so following Feinstein's decision to release the Simpson transcript.

The lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, denies working on behalf of Moscow.

That's according to transcripts of his interview with the panel previous year.

Committee Democrats said the details about the meeting revealed in the new trove of documents confirm an inappropriate relationship between Trump campaign aides and the Russian government. Browder, who renounced his US citizenship and now lives in the United Kingdom, was a leading advocate for the Magnitsky Act through which the US Congress imposed sanctions on Russian Federation for human rights violations.

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Manafort's notes also contain references to "tied into Cheney" and "active sponsors of RNC" without any further explanation. Trump Jr. has told House investigators that he did not communicate with his father about the meeting before it happened.

Trump Jr.'s account contrasted sharply with contemporaneous reports from the Washington Post and New York Times that cast the President as directly involved in the wording of that July 8 statement.

The meeting is a part of an ongoing probe by the US Department of Justice into alleged Russian Federation meddling in 2016.

Asked in the interview if his father was involved in drafting the statement, Trump said: "I don't know".

The transcripts provide a timeline of the days leading up to the meeting as well as misgivings about the appropriateness of a Russian lawyer meeting with a US presidential campaign. "I believe there was a meeting there".

"I am a music publicist".

The Agalarovs had bonded with the Trumps during the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.

There is a second suggestion in congressional documents that Trump Jr. may have talked with his father at the time he was arranging the Trump Tower meeting.

He said that he later wrote Agalarov: "I hope this favor was worth it for your dad. Have you been watching the news!" "I've just sat in a meeting about adoption". Goldstone wrote. "And because I am not able to respond out of courtesy to you and your father".

Agalarov responded: "That should give you mega PR".

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