Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Simon Coveney summons Israeli ambassador over Gaza killings

Simon Coveney summons Israeli ambassador over Gaza killings

Israel faced a growing backlash Tuesday as Belgium and Ireland joins countries who summoned Israeli ambassadors over the killings of 61 Palestinians and more than 2,700 injuries along the Gaza border.

The Republic of Ireland's minister for foreign affairs has met the Israeli ambassador after summoning him to express "outrage" at the deaths and injuries in Gaza. "The government must expel the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland in response to these murders and the flagrant disregard for worldwide law, as well as recalling the Irish Ambassador to Israel in protest", he said.

"Our mission in Ramallah reports that emergency responders in Gaza and the Strip's health services are overwhelmed with the level of casualties", said the spokesperson.

The spokesman also underlined that "the health system [in Gaza] was already facing major challenges due to lack of equipment and essential medicines".

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, at least 60 Palestinian demonstrators have been martyred by cross-border Israeli gunfire in one of the deadliest single day massacres in the country's history.

This as thousands descended on the city for the Great Return March to mark the 70th anniversary of "Nakba", when thousands of Palestinians were displaced by the creation of the new state of Israel in 1948.

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A spokesperson for the Minister said Ireland has demanded an independent global investigation led by the UN.

The White House also blamed Hamas for the violence. The SACP further condemns the provocation of United States President Donald Trump administration's decision to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem.

Sixty Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during mass protests along the border on Monday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in phone talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday expressed concern over the escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has urged Israel to show restraint in the Gaza Strip amid the rallies.

At this very unsafe moment in time for the Middle East, I call on all involved to return to meaningful diplomacy, to avoid escalation and show the utmost care and respect for worldwide treaties and agreements. "The Irish government should expel the Israeli Ambassador from Ireland in protest at these horrific events and the government should move immediately to formally recognise the state of Palestine".

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