Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Entertaiment | By Mabel Barber

Rapper TI arrested in Henry County on assault, disorderly charges

Rapper TI arrested in Henry County on assault, disorderly charges

He was charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness after his lawyer said the guard wrongfully refused entry to the community and called police after and argument.

The Henry County Police Department has not immediately responded to Blavity's request for comment on the details regarding T.I.'s arrest.

He's already been released. without bail. Local media reports say the Grammy-winning artist, whose real name is Clifford Harris, lost his key and the guard wouldn't let him into the community.

T.I. got busted at his own gated community in Georgia after he got into it with a security guard for the neighborhood. He then called a friend, but that didn't help the situation, as both men began to argue with the security guard, which led to police officers being called.

T.I. was arrested on misdemeanor charges of simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

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A WSB reporter also posted T.I.'s mugshot on Twitter.

T.I. claims the whole thing started because he was returning home from the studio and noticed the security guard allegedly asleep in the guard shack.

The rapper served about seven months in prison in 2009 after his arrest on federal gun charges. It took Tip some time to wake up the sleeping guard, Tip clearly identified himself and sought entry. The guard continued to refuse entry without justification. "Tip [aka "T.I.'] was wrongfully arrested early this morning when he attempted to gain entrance into his gated community - where his wife 'Tiny" and his family reside", the statement began. Words were exchanged and apparently the guard and/or supervisor called the police.

T.I. also described local law enforcement as "white cops in a very white area", though he noted that the guard was black.

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