Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Kent State University Has No Problem With Rifle-Toting Graduation Photos

Kent State University Has No Problem With Rifle-Toting Graduation Photos

It's possible some of Bennett's classmates were uneasy with the firearm glorification, considering Kent State was the epicenter of one of the most culturally significant shootings in history when unarmed students were shot by the Ohio National Guard in 1970, resulting in 4 deaths and 9 injuries, during a protest of the Vietnam War.

"Graduates are no longer considered students and would be permitted to open-carry, per the university policy", said Eric Mansfield, the school's executive director of media relations. She posted screenshots of her exchange with an aggravated Twitter user who appeared to threatened her physically. The photo is made more dramatic because the gun, held vertically, is nearly as tall as Bennett. Mansfield said they were taken Sunday, the day after graduation.

"Wouldn't it be awkward if the people calling my AR-10 in my grad photos an "assault rifle" found out assault rifles are banned & the AR-10 fires at the same rate as any modern pistol?" she wrote.

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"Kent State University was recently ranked the safest big college campus in OH and 25th safest in the country, according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security".

In another tweet, she made it clear her gun is an AR-10 and not an "assault rifle" as many had claimed. "So I'm not nervous", said Bennett. Do you not see the problem here? There was a mix of support and opposition to Bennett's post. "Give him a call", she wrote. "Stand your ground. You go girl a lot of us have your back", another commenter wrote.

Moreover, Kent State has a policy against allowing students to open carry on campus, although open carry is legal in Ohio. The college student-run organization is a right-wing group that vows to protect the Second Amendment. "Kent became an open-carry campus in the a year ago and there were many protests from that, the incident of May 4 not forgotten".

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