Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Jared Kushner left humiliated over Jerusalem embassy speech, Twitter erupts Video

The two areas are roughly 50 miles from each other, but could have been worlds apart.

The relocation of the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has been highly contentious for America abruptly breaking from decades of global tradition with the symbolic move that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital, something that offends Palestinians who long said the city was its own capital.

Scarborough spoke as the news station aired images of the first daughter and Kushner smiling and speaking about the embassy opening, juxtaposed with photographs of combat and bloodshed in Gaza, where Israeli military forces reportedly killed 58 Palestinians.

A striking image shows just how different two scenes were on Monday in the Middle East.

The clashes, which left more than 2,400 Palestinians wounded, erupted before a White House delegation and Israeli officials opened the embassy at an inauguration ceremony in Jerusalem and continued throughout the day.

As a smiling Ivanka took photos in front of the new embassy, bearing a large plaque with Trump's name splashed across it, she was joined husband Jared Kushner and other US officials including Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

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The embassy moving from its former home in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a significant one.

In a rare public appearance Kushner also delivered a speech, which condemned clashes in the region.

While reporting on the violence that erupted today on the Gaza-Israel border following protests at the US opening its embassy in Jerusalem, the SABC's gaffes in its Monday night coverage suggested that staff may be working a bit too much overtime. The headline reads, "Daddy's Little Ghoul". Reports indicate that Israeli forces used tear gas and possibly sniper fire against the demonstrators.

"They don't care", his co-host Mika Brzezinski interjected.

Meanwhile, this week marks the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, or "catastrophe" in Arabic, which commemorates Palestinian displacement following the Israeli declaration of independence in 1948.

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