Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Iran to stay in nuclear deal if it is beneficial: Rouhani

On Monday, the opening ceremony of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem took place amid mass violent clashes on the border with the Gaza Strip, where more than 60 Palestinians were killed and another 2,500 injured by Israeli forces.

President Rouhani said the United States administration and the Zionist regime should be held accountable for the massacre of people in the region and said "unfortunately, the United States president has made grave miscalculation about regional issues thinking that it can put down Palestinian uprising by supporting the Zionist regime". "This is a grave mistake". "The actions and deeds of the Zionist Regime have always been aggression, tyranny and killing of the innocent and in the recent days, these actions are more evident".

"I have no doubt that such actions will make Palestinians more determined to resist and will prove it to the Muslims of the world that there is no way except unity, integrity, increasing more pressure and helping the people of Palestine to liberate their lands, because the Zionist Regime is not a regime that is committed to morality and even global rules and regulations, only understanding the language of force", he continued.

The US, not Iran violated the global laws, its commitments under the deal and United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, Rouhani said.

Iran's president stressed that some assume that pressure, sanctions and military threats can force the Iranian nation to surrender.

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"Trump played his first card, but miscalculated the second move... as Iran did not follow that plan", Rouhani said according to the Iranian agency. "Based on the resolutions of the United Nations, Iran's enrichment was considered illegal, which we do not accept".

Iran said it will not continue the implementation of the JCPOA without receiving enough ‎guarantees from three European countries, including the UK, France, and Germany.

Rouhani said US President Donald Trump expected Tehran to leave the nuclear deal after the US withdrawal, adding that the Islamic Republic had refused to follow that plan by trying to save the deal with its remaining signatories.

"This is because all know that Iran is a country, which treads down the path of peace and acts in line with worldwide regulations", he explained, noting that "today, the United States should come under pressure as a country going against its promises and acting in contravention of regulations".

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