Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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How to Install Android P 9.0 Update on Nokia 7 Plus

How to Install Android P 9.0 Update on Nokia 7 Plus

Oracle has alleged that Google's Android mobile operating system silently allows Google to track and report the location of users, even when users have turned off their location services-and even when there is no SIM card in the mobile device.

In the event, new features of Google Maps were also unveiled and will be rolling out these coming months both on Android and iOS.

Google has rolled out the latest version of its Google News app with AI support for Android and iOS users and is now available in 127 countries. The ACCC was already investigating Google and Facebook's impact on the advertising market. Some users complained about the display looking tiresome, so Google added a new color mode.

Google told the news outlet in November that the location information was never stored or used; it was rather used to "further improve the speed and performance of message delivery".

Earlier this year, social media giant Facebook Inc apologised after web marketing firm Cambridge Analytica was accused of obtaining users' data without permission for the 2016 election campaign of United States President Donald Trump. All this information it shares with the advertisers to report how online ads have helped in increasing store visits.

How to Install Android P 9.0 Update on Nokia 7 Plus

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims has confirmed this development and has said that investigation is on against the search giant. Now, Oracle has come out in the open by repeating the same allegations to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in a presentation.

Currently, there are 10 million users in Australia using androids. Any restrictions on the types of data Google can collect or the way in which that data can be utilized could be consequential to its business. Google attempted to address this by giving users more options to adjust the display of their phones, but it seems that they aren't quite done yet.

Google and Oracle have always been engaged in a range of legal battles, and now, the latest iteration is playing out in Australia, where Oracle has successfully convinced competition and privacy regulators to look into how Google allegedly tracks its Android phone users.

Now, it is being reported that the security researchers at the Symantec have claimed that they have discovered a number of new malware apps on the Google PlayStore.

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