Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Here's How To Enable Gmail's New Native Offline Mode And Smart Compose

Here's How To Enable Gmail's New Native Offline Mode And Smart Compose

You can also compose emails in the usual way, including attachments, and these will be sent automatically next time you're online. When the feature was announced in Google IO, the company said that the feature would be rolling out to all Gmail users later this month.

The biggest of which allows users to use Gmail offline, replacing the Gmail Offline app in the Chrome browser. This feature could prove to be useful for all business users who receive tonnes of email, and sometimes amidst all the clutter, they forget to reply to an important mail. Today, Google has started deploying the new Gmail's "Nudge" feature, which is created to help you reply to emails you missed or ignored like the lazy procrastinator you are.

Google is claiming that these nudging features are based on AI, which presumably will be based on the content of the emails to determine if a reply is necessary. Most of the newly announced changes were made live then, but offline mode wasn't quite ready until last week.

Nudges are on by default, but you can switch them off by visiting Gmail's Settings page.

However, unlike the nudge feature, Gmail users will have to manually turn on the offline mode feature. The process of finding it isn't terribly elegant - the app for the classic Gmail looks much more appealing - but we're sure Google will work on that.

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In the top right corner, click Settings (gear icon) and navigate to Settings.

If you are using anything less than version 61, you need to update.

Now, provided you're already logged into your account, you can go offline and continue using Gmail as normal.

You can store emails for up to 90 days through Gmail offline, as well as queue up messages for when you next get a connection. Click "Content settings" and select "Cookies", then click "Remove all" under "See all cookies and site data".

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