Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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'Fortnite' Season 4, Week 3 Challenges Guide

'Fortnite' Season 4, Week 3 Challenges Guide

With that being said, we are going to list all the locations where Fortnite players can find the rubber duckies that they need in order to complete the challenge. Talking about weekly challenges, Fortnite players need to find lots of rubber ducks if they want to complete this week's challenge and we are here to help. For the third and final "hard" challenge, players will have to eliminate enemies using a sniper rifle.

Here are all of the duck locations that we know of so far, you can find all of them circled in the map below.

If you think about it, these rubber duckies shouldn't be overly hard to find.

Finding 10 rubber duckies is one of the toughest challenges in week three, season four of Fortnite.

This image, courtesy of Reddit user ShotGunRaids, shows Tilted Towers in its current state, complete with construction vehicles and building site props.

Lonely Lodge - Check your map and reference the letter "L" in "Lonely Lodge", head directly north and it's beside a cliff face.

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Lucky Landing - Locate the waterfall to the west of Lucky Landing and you'll see it sitting on the water's edge.

The bridge that is east of Anarchy Acres has a duck in the water below it, next to the crashed auto.

Zooming in to the map reveals that the free tier is just southwest of Fatal Fields.

There is a duck located in the pool at Snobby Shores. There is no word yet on what is waiting for players at the end of the journey but considering the fact that the same challenge in Tomato Town in the first week led players to a Battle Star in Loot Lake, this one is expected to be worth the trouble.

A duck can be found at the north-east area of Anarchy Acres by the waterfall.

South of the Prison - Directly South of the Prison and slightly west of Moisty Mire is a murky pool of water near a cliff face, you'll find it here.

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