Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Forest High School teacher accused of drowning 'nuisance' animals

Forest High School teacher accused of drowning 'nuisance' animals

A Florida high school teacher is on paid administrative leave after cell phone video appears to show him drowning wild raccoons during class. The student told the station a previous class had filled a trashcan with water, and that the students and teacher drowned the trapped raccoons in it.

Her son told her his agriculture teacher made a threat that anyone who recorded or photographed the incident would be given a referral.

"Why is he not fighting?" one person in the video says as the raccoon sits in the trap in the trash can filled almost to the brim with water.

She claims the raccoons were held down with metal rods when they tried to come up for air.

On Facebook, the alumni group of the Forest High School Future Farmers of America posted a statement defending Brewton, saying he was a man "who would give everything" to make sure students were taken care of. Her son informed her the creatures had been trapped in cages as they had been being drowned. The mother of the student who shot the video, both who wish to remain anonymous, said to a reporter at WKMG-TV, "It made me sick".

'Why is he not fighting?' one person asks in the clip as the raccoon sits in the garbage bin filled with water.

As of Tuesday night, he is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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"While law enforcement tells us the teacher did not do anything illegal, his actions before students are certainly questionable", a spokesperson said. "The district is determining the status of the teacher at this moment".

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is looking into how the raccoons were killed, according to a spokesman.

"The FWC takes these issues critically", the company mentioned in an announcement. "The FWC takes these matters seriously", FFWCC said in a statement on the matter. Those findings will be presented to officials with the state attorney's office, who will decide if criminal charges are appropriate.

'We must focus on all of the extremely positive and life changing things that this man has done for people'.

"He has always gone above and beyond his call of duty to ensure that his students had everything they needed".

The mother of the student too was unhappy.

The raccoons reportedly created a nuisance and killed several chickens that were being raised by the students and staff in a shed behind the school premises.

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