Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Medical | By Johnnie Horton

Exercise is good for you - unless it's part of your job

Exercise is good for you - unless it's part of your job

People, on the other hand, who have strenuous job fields where labor work is, work for hours without taking breaks in between. Not getting enough exercise is linked to a number of health problems, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even some forms of dementia.

Based on 17 studies with 193,696 participants, the researchers found that men with high-level occupational physical activity had an 18% increased risk of early mortality vs those engaging in low-level occupational physical activity (hazard ratio, 1.18; 95% confidence interval, 1.05 to 1.34).

An global team of researchers led by Pieter Coenen chose to carry out a systematic review of evidence regarding the association between occupational physical activity and all-cause mortality. This was still the case even when levels of leisure time physical activity were taken into account. The scientists got their findings in the Netherlands that reported something called "physical activity paradox" which means exercise can be harmful while at work but it is advantageous when you do it on free times. "These men are dying earlier than those who are not physically active in their occupation".

Men who engage in physical activity on the job are more likely to die earlier‚ research by a Australian university has found. People who consider exercising as a part of an activity basically stay energetic for a short duration and take small breaks in between when they are exhausted. "People who are very active at work spend eight hours a day being active", says Coenen.

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Physical activity if done on moderate levels can increase the heart rate and blood pressure to strengthen your heart and the cardiovascular system. "That may lead to the opposite of what is healthy for the heart, namely putting a strain on the cardiovascular system". "These people are in double trouble, because they don't benefit from leisure-time activity and are exposed to the risk of physical activity at work", Coenen says.

To investigate the effects of exercise on health, the scientists combined the results from 17 published studies, giving them data on almost 200,000 people.

"The message I would give is that people should try to follow the physical activity guidelines regardless of what they do for a job", Hamer said.

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