Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
Research | By Jody Lindsey

E3 2018 Attendees Will Need to Register to Play Super Smash Bros

E3 2018 Attendees Will Need to Register to Play Super Smash Bros

We also get confirmation that other games will be at Nintendo's booth and will not require reservations.

It's a smart decision, as, in rightly anticipating that their booth will be a popular destination, these slots will let you play the Nintendo Switch exclusive mascot brawler at your allotted time without needing to queue - leaving you to enjoy everything else on the show floor.

Nintendo announced on Wednesday fans will need to reserve play slots to play Super Smash Bros. for Switch before June's show.

Anyone who registers for E3 2018 before May 31 will receive an email from the event's organizers to register to play the game. It's very important to register because Nintendo will not be allowing on-site registration.

Signing up to play the game ahead of time is mandatory.

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Tickets will be in the form of QR Code patterns that can be stored on a smartphone or printed out.

Additionally, Nintendo said it wants fans to bring their Switch systems to the show with them.

Super Smash Bros. for Switch is targeting a 2018 release date, so we'll get a chance to try it out sooner rather than later.

The game's huge, dedicated community only have to hold out a little longer for some more answers, as well as a look at the game in action, once E3 rolls around, scheduled to take place in Los Angeles between June 12-14.

Furthermore, with Switch being extremely successful one would assume that Nintendo will finally drop the support for the 3DS, however, Nintendo has noted that it will support 3DS until Switch becomes a one-per-person system. People should be sure to bring their systems along for an opportunity to receive this one-of-a-kind swag, as well as for impromptu gaming opportunities with others.

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