Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Bleszinski shares Boss Key games that never came to light

Bleszinski shares Boss Key games that never came to light

Cliff Bleszinski was the studio head of Boss Key Productions, which he has chose to shut down recently after their failure to gain success with projects like LawBreakers and Radical Heights.

After formally announcing the closure of the studio that he helped to co-found, Bleszinski was candid in sharing several game ideas and concepts that were worked on and pitched to publishers, or ideas that were still at their very beginning internally within the studio and just starting to get fleshed out creatively.

The second project Bleszinski revealed is Donuts, a VR arcade racing video game, a spiritual sequel to Toobin but with animals. The idea for the game is described as "Mario Kart on water with animals in VR". The game itself itself would have revolved heavily around players raising and training a dragon companion from hatchling to maturity, and would also have included a narrative-driven campaign.

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Another one of Boss Key's ideas was for a game codenamed "DragonFlies".

"You used melee and guns and could outfit your beasts for combat". He even claims that players would have been able to find and raise dragon eggs.

According to the announcement made by Cliff Bleszinski, the reason behind this sad decision is the failure of LawBreakers. The developer added in other tweets that he pitched this game to Microsoft, Sony, EA, 2K, Activision, and Warner Bros. -and none wanted it, apparently. Players would be battling other players in massive DOGs, Destructive Ordinance (on the) Ground while trying to stay safe from the toxic air that inhabited the world. As he reveals, its budget was $40 million so it was not a cheap project indeed. "You pitch something and the response is often "too similar to something we have or out there so no" or 'this is too unique so we can't do a proper financial model for it.' I respect them but as a creative it's frustrating", Bleszinski said.

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