Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Bill moving riverboat casinos to land heading to Governor

Bill moving riverboat casinos to land heading to Governor

Sen. Neil Riser, a Republican who handled the bill, pledged not to undo the changes.

Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast estimates that 94 percent of abortions in Louisiana take place before 15 weeks.

The bill has already been approved in the Senate and now moves to the full House.

The bill emphasizes that no punishment would be applied to the female who has the abortion. Milkovich has said his ultimate goal is to ban abortions in Louisiana altogether. However, Milkovich argued that the costs would be worthwhile.

In addition to the time restriction, Milkovich's bill also lays out penalties for physicians conducting abortions.

Louisiana, which tends to be among states with the tightest restrictions on abortion access, now prohibits abortion after 20 weeks. Hodges says abortions after 15 weeks are risky for mothers.

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The Louisiana Senate added an amendment to the bill to address concerns about legal challenges.

"This law is contingent upon the passage of the court case being upheld and if it not being upheld this law would be ineffective".

"This is a very hard, gruesome procedure that women are subjected to".

A bill that would let riverboat casinos move to land is headed to Governor John Bel Edwards' desk.

By 15 weeks, unborn babies are almost fully formed; their major organs, fingers, toes, eyes, ears, taste buds and even their own unique fingerprints already have developed. Babies at this stage also have been observed yawning, smiling and sucking their thumbs.

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