Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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Take a look at how far iOS has come in 11 years

Take a look at how far iOS has come in 11 years

When the user removes a message in a conversation using one Apple device, the same message will also be deleted other device platforms, like the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

During the past four years, Apple has released iOS to the public in the second week of September, either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

It's nothing new if someone says that iOS 11 had a fair amount of bugs and performance issues. The iOS 12 might as well be the first operating system to feature any such feature.

It's really Apple's iOS apps that are most in need of a refresh - the likes of Mail, Apple Maps, Safari and even the Camera app are way behind what other developers are offering, and Apple must realise that it risks getting left behind. Also unlike Google's Android, most iOS devices are eligible for the new update, which is rolled out in the fall of year. Also iOS 12 will focus more on quality improvements, rather than just cramming it with new features.

Taking features that OLED displays offer to its logical conclusion, an always-on screen would not only provide parity with its Android counterparts but provide something genuinely useful that the iPhone has always lacked.

This is the most talked feature on the iOS devices.

AirPlay 2 adds multi-speaker support to Apple's HomePod, but reportedly only if developer firmware is installed on the smart speaker.

What do we expect from iOS 12?

. Numerous users have complaint regarding the issues that they are facing on the new iOS updates.

With the release of iOS 11.4 beta 2, we expect further refinements of some features that were present in iOS 11.3, only be to be removed at the last minute before the full release: namely messages on iCloud and AirPlay 2. Indeed, given how many features Apple packs into iOS today, it's easy to forget just how limited iOS was in certain respects early on.

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As we all know that the new iPhones would be using the OLED panels from Samsung, the phones would come with Always-On Display feature. An always on display option, that doesnt suck too much battery life would address this and just let us glance at our devices to see if we have missed a notification. Now, the new iOS 12 to bring the same True Dark Mode theme for the users.

The new iOS 12 will bring enhanced parental control with time-based parameters. Apple to introduce Home Screen widgets with the new iOS 12 update.

While the Control Center does all the work that the widgets on Android do such as controlling music directly from home screen, but you'll only understand the difference if you've used an Android phone. It's clear that there are some issues that are not yet resolved, and considering Apple's renewed commitment to quality over quantity, there's certainly a possibility that these features may be pulled yet again. With iOS 12 Wednesday like to see this taken even further.

The new iOS 12 will bring an improved notifications panel to your device which would look like a lock screen. All in all, you should expect further refinements and improvements rather than something new and revolutionary. The shine gets taken off all those millions of iPhone sales if everyone is using Google apps.

New Settings will lets users access and customise the features of the apps more easily.

Providing developers with an API so they can add their Controls would be the icing on the cake.

If the Cupertino-based company sticks to its basics, the iOS 12 will be announced at World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 which will run from June 4 to June 8 this year. Apple has already confirmed the dates for WWDC 2018, where the company gives key insights into its upcoming software for future products.

Since there is no any official notes released about the actual release date for the upcoming iOS 12, we have to wait for the official announcement to be made first. More features will be introduced to you with new Artificial Intelligence technology within the iOS devices.

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