Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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Hand look at extensive flood damage, rescue efforts on Kauai

Hand look at extensive flood damage, rescue efforts on Kauai

There are no reports of major injuries. The weather service is trying to figure out why the gauge stopped recording, he said.

Kauai residents were busy Monday dealing with the aftermath of this weekend's devastating rain and flooding.

Officials will continue rescue efforts when the weather improves. Two other state parks on the island are closed.

Kuhio Highway near the Hanalei Bridge is now open to the public as repairs to the bridge were completed this morning.

Some of Kauai's citizens documented the record-breaking storm with social media, including Laird Hamilton's rescue of 15 stranded girls.

Kaui's Governor David Ige has declared the natural disaster a state of emergency and is committed to providing all available resources available to help the citizens of Kauai.

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Kauai County spokeswoman, Sarah Blane, reported that 212 people were airlifted from the Hawaiian island of Kauai - majority were visitors.

Meredith Zietz, who was still trapped in her Hanalei home Monday, posted video of a skittish bison as it dashed through her waterlogged yard.

Most of those rescued were lifted out by helicopter as the roads were impassable due to landslides, flooding, and being severely washed out.

The governor issued an emergency proclamation for the island Sunday following the National Weather Service's recording of nearly 27 inches (68 centimeters) of rainfall in a 24-hour period in Hanalei. But Kauai County spokeswoman Sarah Blane said the helicopters were grounded when heavy rainfall continued into the evening.

Multi-agency relief efforts are continuing today for residents and visitors stranded in Ha'ena and Wainiha as the National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard, Kauai Fire Department, Kauai Police Department and the American Red Cross work together to bring water and supplies into Wainiha and Ha'ena.

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