Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

Woman fires gun at Burien police station

Woman fires gun at Burien police station

Burien police officers transported a a woman to the hospital Sunday afternoon for a mental health evaluation after she fired a shot in front of the police station.

No one was injured at the station, located at 14905 6th Avenue SW. They found a woman out front lying on the ground. On Saturday morning, hundreds of tribal people reached the local police station with their bows and arrows and gheraoed it demanding immediate arrest of the culprits.

Kolkata Metro rake stranded inside tunnel due to snag
As a result, services along the Tollygunge-Kavi Subhas route were disrupted for almost 20 minutes because of the power failure. After the incident, the metro services along the line remained disrupted for around half-an-hour, said a Lalbazar officer.

Detectives found a loaded gun in her vehicle and detained her. She told officers she "wanted to die" and admitted to firing the shot.

There were no injuries but it is unclear where the woman's shot went, police said. "A great job by Detectives and Deputies to use CIT (Crisis Intervention Training) to talk the female into a peaceful resolution and get her the help she needed".

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