Published: Mon, April 16, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is codenamed as 'Crown'

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is codenamed as 'Crown'

It's been more than a year since Samsung took the stage at CES 2017 and announced the Chromebooks that, for all intents and purposes, fostered the new generation of Chrome OS devices.

The display ratio surfaced upon inspecting the screenshots, found in the FCC website.

There have been details of the Galaxy Note 9 floating around, from specs to design to benchmark results. And while you probably won't get a Galaxy S9 just for this objective, it's still an item you can add to the + side of your pros and cons. Another difference is that the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has a Ram memory of 6 GB while the S9 has 4 GB. This simply means the Galaxy Note 9 will have the larger battery compared to the Note 8's 3300mAh.

According to the tweet, the upcoming Note 9 will be codenamed Crown. The new report contradicts previous ones that claim that Samsung would not use the under-display fingerprint scanner due to technical challenges.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be the top alternative for those who don't prefer to use the iPhone. It might not therefore be present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 after all and might be cancelled, as both ultrasonic and optical solutions might not be able to cope with the technical requirements.

Earlier this year, rumors emerged suggesting that Samsung showed off working prototypes of the foldable handsets in a closed-door meeting with the company's partners. The display curves gradually on the edges, like the Galaxy S9. These may seem like useless specifications in today's day and age, but they are pretty good for the type of smartphone you are getting.

AnandTech notes, "The Exynos 9810 Galaxy S9 absolutely fell flat on its face in this test and posted the worst results among our tracking of the latest generation devices, lasting 3 hours less than the Exynos 8895 Galaxy S8". Samsung is unleashing this smartphone upon the South Korean public.

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