Published: Sat, March 31, 2018
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Hangouts Chat makes G Suite more powerful productivity solution

Hangouts Chat makes G Suite more powerful productivity solution

Both Hangouts Chat and its video streaming platform, Hangouts Meet, were revealed at Google Cloud Next conference in March previous year, but while the latter was released immediately to the public, its chat app has so far only been available as a private test version.

Each chat room can hold 8,000 members which is a touch unwieldy and can integrate with a whole bunch of other services, including useful ones like Salesforce and Trello thought to more frivolous ones like Giphy. Hangouts Chat users can easily start video conference using Meet, add files using Drive and collaborate on work with Google Docs. "Over 50 percent of Dropbox Business teams also use G Suite, so both sides see that connection".

Google said users are able to link Hangouts Chat to AI-driven tools as well, such as meeting schedules and calendars. While Hangouts Chat and Meet are the business oriented alternatives to those apps.

Like most collaboration apps such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, Hangouts Chat allows users to discuss projects and office work more efficiently with individuals or groups. For example the Google Drive bot will tell you when someone shares a file with you or when someone comments on a document. There is a web interface as well.

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Hangouts Chat sits in Google's G Suite, a workplace software package that includes email and word-processing tools, for which more than 4 million businesses globally pay as much as $25 per user each month. Hangouts Chat is compatible with existing Hangouts conversations and contacts, so the migration process should be simple for companies already using the older platform. It launched as a free service in 2013 but soon it was attuned to businesses.

Google has been working on the service for some time. But Google began tuning it for businesses when the company expanded enterprise sales efforts and sought to bring customers numerous same features it has internally. He explained that Google wants "to move toward helping people move faster at work".

The collaboration with the search giant should enable Dropbox to address the requirements of enterprise customers that rely on G Suite much more effectively.

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