Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

LinkedIn makes it easier to ask for job referrals from your network

LinkedIn makes it easier to ask for job referrals from your network

The company said in a blog post today. On the desktop, you can click on the new job search filter to look for those jobs "in your network".

Easily request a referral by clicking the "Ask For A Referral" button on jobs where you know people.

Once you've found a job where you can get referred.

Job seekers will also find a new "in your network" filter which allows them to narrow down a job search to companies where they're already connected to someone via LinkedIn. Tapping the button on the listing will display a form that lets you select a contact. While LinkedIn will suggest some phrases to use while asking someone for a referral, it recommends that users personalize their message with information that's relevant to the professional relationship they have with that particular client and their suitability for that job.

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It's a fine, generic message, but you should probably customize it to the position and person before hitting "Send". You could then share reasons why you'd be a good fit for the position, before explaining why you're interested in the role.

As with many things, getting a job - or at least getting that interview - is about who you know. "In fact, the #1 way that job seekers have reported first discovering a job, was through someone they knew".

Referrals are an important part of hiring processes of any organization. Of course, you can still use additional filters like location, industry, job function, even specific companies to find the role that's ideal for you.

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