Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
Medical | By Johnnie Horton

Harms Outweigh Benefits for E-Cigarettes

Harms Outweigh Benefits for E-Cigarettes

The FDA presented powerful scientific evidence that flavors play a key role in youth initiation and continued use of tobacco products, including cigars and electronic cigarettes.

Along with menthol, the FDA is considering policies to keep kids from being enticed by tobacco products with flavors ranging from strawberry to chocolate to cotton candy. Recently, e-cigarettes have come under fire for their fruity flavors serving as a gateway for kids.

Separately, Altria and Philip Morris are attempting to get FDA clearance to sell a tobacco product that resembles a cigarette in some ways but is heated not burned, which the companies want the agency to allow them to label as less risky than smoking. As today's filing noted, youth and young adult smokers are much more likely to smoke menthol than non-menthol cigarettes, as compared to older adult smokers.

He added that although the tobacco industry markets e-cigarettes as a tool to help adult smokers quit smoking, e-cigarette use actually only marginally increases the number of adult cigarette smokers who are able to successfully quit.

"Making cigarettes less addictive by reducing nicotine levels would be a monumental public health triumph, saving millions of Americans from lifetimes of addiction and illness", Blumenthal, who joined 13 Senators a year ago in denouncing the FDA's delayed action on lowering nicotine levels, said. This lends strong support for Singapore's total ban on e-cigarettes that became effective last month (February).

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A 2009 federal law banned the sale of most flavored cigarettes.

A self-described anti-tobacco organization that warned Lebanon is among the world's most addicted tobacco consumers is recommending that smokers trying to quit turn to "reduced-risk" products such as e-cigarettes.

No child should use any tobacco products, including e-cigarette.

The FDA rightly recognizes that it must address the use of flavors in tobacco products as part of its comprehensive new strategy to accelerate progress in reducing the death and disease caused by tobacco use.

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