Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
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Congress plenary session: Former PM Manmohan Singh slams NDA on Kashmir

Congress plenary session: Former PM Manmohan Singh slams NDA on Kashmir

He said current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who replaced him after 2014 Lok Sabha victory, only made "tall promises" and its implementation in the present scenario is "unthinkable". The former Prime Minister further added, "When Modi ji was campaigning, he made lots of tall promises, those promises have not been fulfilled".

"Rahul bhai, gather all the party workers, next year you will be hoisting the flag at Red Fort", Mr. Sidhu said amid loud applause from the audience.

Speaking at the Congress' 84th plenary session, being held in New Delhi, Mammohan Singh said that the situation in the Valley was worsening by the day.

Singh accused the Modi-led government of messing up the economy through its ill-considered demonetisation policy and the Goods and Services Tax legislation, which he said was "hastily put forward".

"Demonetisation was a big lie". "RBI [Reserve Bank of India] is still counting and won't tell us how much money has come back". I would like to advice the RBI Governor to go to Tirupati and get the hundi collectors. "They count money faster than you".

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I hear the youths always complaining and whining that "the country does not have infrastructure and it is so dirty"... This attitude is not okay. "If the country is dirty, then are you the guest?" "Why don't you clean it?"

The economic resolution criticized the union government over a number of issues, saying it was to blame for growing inequality, a "paralysed" banking sector, an opaque and inefficient public sector, agriculture distress, languishing exports, neglect of the social sector and mounting unemployment.

The former prime minister also took on the Centre for the increase in incidents of cross-border violence, accusing it of mismanaging the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. They have installed a government where the two wings of the administration are working against each other.

Noting that Jammu and Kashmir was an integral part of India, he said the country needed to recognise the state's special problems and we must deal with those problems with all seriousness.

Singh said the Congress will be able to provide the nation a new pathway to handle the upcoming challenges faced by it.

Singh said that the government needs to create an environment of mutual understanding and support with its immediate neighbours such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

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