Published: Fri, March 16, 2018
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Parents of slain Democratic staffer sue Fox News over story

Parents of slain Democratic staffer sue Fox News over story

The family of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich is suing Fox News over a now-retracted story about his death. Fox News in May 2017 published a story where it falsely claimed that Seth Rich was murdered because he was involved in the hack and release of thousands of DNC emails in the summer of 2016.

"We want our son to have his legacy back", Mary Rich, the mother of slain DNC staff member Seth Rich, told ABC News' Tom Llamas.

"Whether motivated by party politics, ratings, corporate profit, or personal gain, we hope to help prevent this kind of malicious and reckless behavior in the future so that others can be spared the hell the Riches have had to endure", Gail said.

On Tuesday Joel and Mary Rich filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of NY and are seeking damages for "mental anguish and emotional distress, emotional pain and suffering, and any other physical and mental injuries", according to court documents.

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"Your son is murdered again, and this time it's worse than the first time", she said. "We lost his body this first time, and the second time we lost his soul". In it, they claim Fox News exploited the death of their son "through lies, misrepresentations, and half-truths".

Rich's father, Joel, shared the same sentiments, arguing that the conspiracy theories that followed their son's death have made him and his wife unable to "grieve and cope" with his loss. "So we want our son's life and his soul restored and I want our life back so we can move forward again". She also argued she believes Fox News simply "took a rumor and ran with it" and now her family's "lives will never be the same". "He would never have done it, and maybe going to court they'll finally listen".

"What has to come out is the truth, and hopefully when we take it to court, they'll hear it again, what we've told them already", she said. "His computer didn't have anything on it". (Butowsky told the Erik Wemple Blog on Wednesday that the suit was without merit.) The enterprise required extensive coordination with a former D.C. cop, Rod Wheeler, who commented on Fox News regarding law-enforcement matters and whom Butowsky paid to allegedly assist the family in getting "closure" on the death of Seth Rich. "If it was true - we don't know yet - if it was true that Seth Rich gave WikiLeaks the DNC emails, wouldn't that blow the Russian collusion narrative that the media has been pushing out of the water?"

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