Published: Thu, March 15, 2018
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Old Jack on 'This Is Us' had a real-life inspiration

Old Jack on 'This Is Us' had a real-life inspiration

We opened with a wedding ceremony for an alt-universe version of Rebecca and Jack on their 40th anniversary, but this was clearly a dream from the moment we cut to the final preparations for Kate and Toby's big day.

One thing was clear: Kate's wedding was a family affair, and not just when she walked down the aisle. I've been holding onto that feeling for a really long time now.

"We did do that", Metz said of the scene.

Kate's struggles with her weight were a major focus of the first season, but they took more of a backseat in season two. "I had a wedding, but I didn't have to pay for it or have a husband, so it was great", she said in an interview. Perhaps it was misdirection, and the flash-forward wasn't about Beth at all; perhaps Beth really will die of cancer; perhaps in the future, she's actually suffering from something more complicated, like Alzheimer's. Chrissy admitted that "all of us, myself included, sometimes need people to believe in us so we believe in ourselves". There's definitely a shift happening and a change with Kate and within the relationship.

In fact, we may not even find out if they get married until next season. If she does marry Monty, his dad won't have to pay alimony anymore. Creator Dan Fogelman said it's going to be the most "ambitious" yet. This was a hygge drama: the kind of show you want to watch on a chilly winter night while wearing fuzzy pajamas, wrapping your legs in a chenille throw, drinking chamomile tea, and lighting vanilla bean-scented candles. Between Rebecca's visions of an aged Jack Pearson, and the anticipation for Kate's marriage to Toby, speculation ran wild: Does the appearance of old Jack (who doesn't exist) foreshadow Rebecca's death? But depending on this maneuver also comes with a cost: hinging on endless cliffhangers and mini-mysteries can undercut the heart of the series, which can and should ultimately be what keeps viewers coming back. This person has always been there for her.

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Like any soap with this many moving parts, "This Is Us" is engaged in a delicate balancing act, one where each moment of triumph or happiness by necessity brings with it, or is quickly followed by, a new setback or hurdle. Until then, my fellow "This Is Us" fans! It's something that we're all working on. Going forward, Kate's story needs an overhaul. We decided we wanted something that was sort of vintage in its own way, but very classic, but still contemporary.

"I'd like to see them start a family".

She explained her whole reasoning behind the mani in an Instagram post: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". Earlier in the episode Toby's parents pleaded with him not to marry Kate since she was a hot mess; that his first wife drove him to a dark depression when she left.

Which of the revelations was the most shocking for you? "Babe, I just spoke to the doctor". They're figuring that out. As for Kevin, his future is looking brighter with a new girl on his arm and a trip to reconnect with his father. Will the couple even make it to the "I do's?" And while many episodes this season were about Jack's death, this one was a nod to his life and the hardships that came along with his absence on the wedding day. That's just how it goes.

So, here are 5 things to know going into the episode.

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