Published: Thu, March 15, 2018
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Hinch to have heart tests after Vic fall

Hinch to have heart tests after Vic fall

The 74-year-old spent Monday night at The Alfred Hospital after the incident took place, but took to Twitter to assure his followers he's on the mend, saying he's "fine".

Crossbench senator Derryn Hinch wants to live his best life with a glass of wine in hand despite embarrassingly falling out of an Uber in Melbourne.

"Was I pissed? No", he said, defending himself against claims he was being disrespectful to the family of his liver donor by continuing to drink.

The former broadcaster and liver transplant recipient suffered a "slight brain trauma" after the fall on St Kilda Road in Melbourne on Monday night, but was fine to fly to Canberra for a War Memorial event on Wednesday.

After passersby and the Uber driver called an ambulance, Mr Hinch was diagnosed with "minor brain trauma" from the fall, which had not broken the skin.

Senator Hinch said he would undergo some tests today with concerns it may have been his heart that contributed to the fall.

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"If I feel like having a glass of wine, yes I will". "[But] I thought, 'You've got to live your life.' Until I'm lying on the slab for the last time, I'm here to live my life the best I can".

"I stepped on the kerb and I fell over and I banged my head and I ended up in The Alfred hospital", he added.

"I'm eternally grateful for it". I didn't have a drink for five years.

The self-confessed Human Headline lived up to his nickname in 2016, making a splash with news he was "back on the booze", after swearing off alcohol when he received the lifesaving transplant in 2011.

"Yes, I will continue to drink".

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