Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
Entertaiment | By Mabel Barber

Spanish police bust Chinese trafficking group smuggling people into Ireland

Spanish police bust Chinese trafficking group smuggling people into Ireland

Spanish police said on Tuesday they had arrested 155 mostly Chinese nationals after busting a gang that trafficked Chinese migrants into Britain and Ireland for about $25 000 per person.

According to Spanish police, each victim paid €20,000 for the trip and was supplied with fake passports and other documents.

Gardaí say they are liaising with the Spanish authorities in relation to the Irish aspect of the operation.

The operation was uncovered after five migrants made a decision to give evidence against the gang leaders and enter a witness protection programme. The majority of the 155 people arrested are of Chinese nationality.

'The money people covered the cost of all the passports they needed to reach their destination and other help they received from members of the organisation to cross borders.

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The documents were forged in China, then sent to Spain via courier services.

The police said that the testimonies of five migrants who had been detained were key in breaking up the ring.

'After reaching Schengen territory, the migrants were taken to different municipalities in the province of Barcelona and put up temporarily in safe flats where the travel documents they had used to get to Europe were taken from them while they waited for new documents to arrive.

Spanish police also raided three properties near Barcelona and arrested four people they believe are the gang leaders.

The migrants were accompanied by guides on their flights to Ireland and the United Kingdom and were taught key phrases to help get them through immigration.

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