Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
People | By Leon Thompson

New Mum Stuns The Internet With Underwater Birth In The Red Sea

New Mum Stuns The Internet With Underwater Birth In The Red Sea

Social media users praised the apparent ease and beauty of the birth as they shared the images online.

Photos of a Russian tourist giving birth to her newborn child in Dahab, Egypt has gone viral on social media platforms showing two men, who are reportedly the father and the doctor, helping with the water birth.

Little is known of the woman, believed to be Russian, or her newborn baby, who is pictured attached to its umbilical cord being held above the waves.

Hotel owner Hadia Hosny El Said captured the moment a baby was carried from the water before the mother emerged from the water looking as if she had just been for a swim.

Onlookers are being described as stunned and shocked and say the woman had gone into the Red Sea "for a swim" before going into labor.

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The mother was wearing just a bikini when she entered the sea and seemed have had a speedy labour which will be the envy of women around the world.

According to the Daily Mail, the mother is a Russian tourist who traveled to the resort town in order to give birth in the water.

"Another child was waiting on the beach before greeting the new arrival, with the mother joining a short time after in a touching family moment."

The woman, her husband and their baby have not been named and there is no report on the baby's gender or latest condition.

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