Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
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Mike Pompeo will struggle to scrap Tehran nuclear deal

Mike Pompeo will struggle to scrap Tehran nuclear deal

Because of North Korea's nuclear weapons, an American president says he is willing to meet an Orwellian dictator of a small, bankrupt state.

That could help Pompeo operate as the nation's top diplomat, since foreign governments are more likely to view him as speaking directly for Trump when it comes to North Korea, Iran, trade disputes and other foreign policy dilemmas.

In Syria, Pompeo will confront a USA policy that so far makes little sense.

Mr Tillerson's departure represents the biggest staff change in the Trump administration so far and caps months of tension between the Republican President and the 65-year-old former Exxon Mobil chief executive. He disagreed with Trump on a several policy points and reportedly once called Trump a "moron".

Two White House officials said Tillerson was told he was out on Friday, although it was unclear who did the firing. "I want to either break it or do something and he felt a little bit differently, so we were not really thinking the same".

On the one hand, she appears to be Mike Pompeo's pick.

Though Trump has now accepted an offer for a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, he told reporters Tuesday that he "made that decision by myself".

However, a statement from Undersecretary of State Steve Goldstein, tweeted by ABC News' Conor Finnegan, contradicted Washington Post's version of the story.

Tillerson was widely loathed for his deep budget cuts; an institutional realignment that many diplomats felt came at their expense; and an inner circle that longtime officials considered to hoard information to the point of insulating Tillerson from the concerns they had about the direction of US foreign policy. Imagine how low morale must be at State for careerists there to see their boss treated the way he was today by Trump, a figure many of them no doubt disdain, and feel obliged to quietly applaud the move anyway. I think Trump is right about the Iran nuke deal and Paris Climate Accord.

Evans Revere, a former senior USA diplomat who dealt with North Korea under President George W. Bush, said Trump's move sends "a bad signal about the role of diplomacy".

Going back to Tillerson, Levin discussed how the ousted secretary of state was especially bad on the Iran nuclear deal.

Rex Tillerson's tenure as US Secretary of State ended not with a bang but with mass confusion. And Tillerson's exit follows Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' disastrous interview this week on "60 Minutes" in which she struggled to answer basic education questions, and continuing controversies swirling around the heads of the Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Interior, Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development.

Architect Richard Meier Takes Leave of Absence Following Allegations
Cornell would also cancel a New York City event on March 19 that was scheduled as a celebration of Meier's gift, Kleinman said. When she tried to leave, following the non consensual kiss, he dragged her by her arm toward his bedroom, she told The Times .

On Monday, Tillerson blamed Russia for the poisonings in England of a former Russian double agent and his daughter.

Earlier, White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, refrained from saying Moscow was responsible. He will do a fantastic job!

The turmoil within the Trump administration intensified on Tuesday as the U.S. president fired his secretary of state, raising fears among allies about a possible shift in USA foreign policy.

"[I am] humbled by his confidence in me, to be nominated to be the next Director of the Central Intelligence Agency", she said in a statement. "Congratulations to all!" Trump said on Twitter.

"The Secretary had every intention of staying because of the critical progress made in national security", Goldstein said.

"Trump is ours!" a Russian state journalist declared after Donald Trump's controversial decision to fire Secretary of State Rex Tillerson just hours after Tillerson publicly criticized Russia for allegedly attacking an ex-spy in the United Kingdom using a military-grade nerve agent.

Tillerson is only the latest of many high-profile officials to leave the White House. Trump contradicted Tillerson's efforts a day later.

"I think it's fake news", Trump said of Tillerson's reported insult.

The promise of Pompeo is that finally, someone who knows how to work with Trump will take charge.

Trump delivered an ultimatum to the European powers on January 12, saying they must agree to "fix the awful flaws of the Iran nuclear deal" or he would refuse to extend USA sanctions relief on Iran that it calls for.

Lawmakers from both major parties have criticized those cuts and the administration's failure to fill dozens of open jobs there.

His influence within the Administration waned over time.

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