Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
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Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal Officially Announced For WrestleMania 34

Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal Officially Announced For WrestleMania 34

The women of WWE will compete in the first inaugural Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania next month. While the company has always celebrated the Hall of Famer as a decorated women's champion and wrestling pioneer, her history of shady business practices and even alleged criminal activity has been public knowledge for decades.

- A petition to get the name of the Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal changed has been started. But the big problem with that is the person who is associated with that award was an evil woman who did nothing for Women's Professional Wrestling. Should WWE cancel the entire match given the controversy surrounding Moohlah?

The Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal is the same format as the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and it is thought that 30 women will be competing in the match as part of the show to get their hands on the Fabulous Moolah trophy for the very first time.

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"I'd much rather see WWE establish a named match for outstanding wrestlers (and decent human beings) like Susan "Tex" Green, Beverly Shade, Leilani Kai, Wendi Richter, Princess Victoria or Joyce Grable". Carmella says she's been taking a back seat lately but she's now going to remind everyone why she's Ms. Money In the Bank and why she made history twice. She was honored on Twitter by Stephanie McMahon.

The women of WWE will all be given a place on the WrestleMania card in less than four weeks time, whilst the current storylines in the Women's Division continue to play out.

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