Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Buhari Unaware IGP Absconded From Benue Because He is "Not Omniscient" - Adesina

Buhari Unaware IGP Absconded From Benue Because He is

The president had asked Idris to move to Benue after 73 persons were killed in herdsmen-farmers clashes in January, but during his visit to the state on Monday, the president was told that the IGP did not do as directed.

In what is an obstruction to the freedom of the press, only 7 media organisations were handpicked to cover the president's visit to the state.

We are finished as a people to know that president Buhari is not in charge of governmental afairs, hence does not know where he's leading the country to.

In the same vein, chairman Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, CDHR, says the disobedience of President Buhari's by Inspector General of Police should have made heads roll in his administration.

We are finished, worst still, as a nation to know that sombody with proven sanity can still exude confidence in president Buhari's government, after the Benue disgrace and show of gross incompetence in all spheres of governance. Nigerians everywhere are wondering why Mr President didn't do a follow up on his instructions to IGP Idris to relocate to Benue and stop the killings and what will happen now that he knows, his orders were defiled by the IGP.

Local ICE spokesman resigns over Jeff Sessions comments
According to ICE, of the 232 people picked up in the raid, 115 had felonies or misdemeanors on their records. Schwab said he brought up his concerns to ICE leadership and was told to "deflect to previous statements".

"The Benue State Governor, Sam Ortom, is amusing". Rather, in the character of this government, Mr President engaged in yet another blame game instead of facing issues.

"How can the President not be aware?"

"Nigerians can no longer bear with a government that cannot give directions to officials and monitor it through; a government that is so inept that it lacks the elementary proficiencies to initiate and implement effective policies and programmes for national cohesion and development; a government that lacks the basic skills to internationally engage and run a virile economy".

Our correspondent noted that security operatives from Abuja took over the activities at the state's seat of government.

But in its reaction, the PDP said by that claim, that Buhari has directly admitted running an incompetent, disorganized and uncoordinated administration, adding that his explanation on the IGP "is also an admission that he has handed over power to a cabal that neither sought for votes nor elected by Nigerians".

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