Published: Thu, March 01, 2018
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Easy access to unhealthy food increasing millennials' obesity risk

Easy access to unhealthy food increasing millennials' obesity risk

The charity says only 15% of people in the United Kingdom are aware of the link between being overweight and cancer and it's launching a nationwide campaign to increase awareness.

"In the UAE, millennials are more overweight than the previous generations".

The charity has embarked on a poster, radio, social media and digital advertising campaign to raise awareness about the link between obesity and cancer, as it estimated that only 15% of the United Kingdom is conscious of this relationship. To highlight the link between cancer and obesity, the charity handed out fake cigarette packets to shoppers in Aylesbury posing the question: "What is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer?"

He added: "Knowledge of the links between cancer and smoking have driven smoking rates down dramatically amongst our young people".

"Millennials should be educated about the long-term effects caused by an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle and should be encouraged to make the right choices in order to avoid health issues at an early age". "We're campaigning for a ban on junk food adverts before the 9pm watershed to protect young people from advertising tactics which all too often promote fattening foods".

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"Extra body fat doesn't just sit there; it sends messages around the body that can cause damage to cells. We can not overlook concrete evidence that being overweight increases the risk of developing breast cancer", said Rachel Rawson, a senior clinical nurse specialist at Breast Cancer Care.

"Nothing beats a balanced diet", she added.

Prof Louis Levy, its head of nutrition science, said: "We know overweight and obese children are likely to be the same when they become adults. The best way to maintain a healthy weight - eat more fruits, veggies and other fibrous foods, while reducing the amount of consumed harmful food", said one of the study's authors Professor Linda Baul.

The World Cancer Research Fund said the number of adults and children worldwide at increased risk of the disease because they are obese had risen sharply since 1975. "We need the same recognition of the dangers of obesity".

Cancer Research UK, which made the calculations based on Health Survey for England data, is launching a nationwide campaign to increase awareness that obesity is a major cause of cancer.

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