Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
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Pennsylvania still needs a new electoral map

Pennsylvania still needs a new electoral map

Despite GOP rancor relative to the governor's reluctance to make public what he considers to be a fair map and not providing significant detail about what he considers to be particularly onerous about the map they submitted to him, the governor said Wednesday he has worked to ensure Pennsylvania has a fair congressional map by rejecting the Republican-crafted map submitted to him on February 9. It is, she concluded, "extremely, and unnecessarily, partisan". Joseph Scarnati, president pro tempore of the Senate, and Mike Turzai, the House Speaker, challenged Mr Wolf to produce a "fair" map of his own for legislators to consider.

The analysis released Tuesday predicts that Republicans would have won 11 of the state's 18 congressional districts under the plan crafted by Republican legislative leaders in response to a state Supreme Court ruling against the current districts.

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, R-Centre, acknowledged Tuesday some districts in the 2011 map were wrong. The Democrat says the map is still too partisan-while the GOP maintains it follows the court's order, saying the governor based his decision on that the map wouldn't favor Democrats. It was never put to a vote by the Legislature. The Supreme Court, which ruled the current congressional district map unconstitutional last month, wanted a map with several traits.

Hewing to the court's words while subverting their spirit, Republican state lawmakers set to redrawing the map with no input from Democrats.

It appears the final hours before Thursday's state Supreme Court-imposed deadline on new borders for Congressional districts will be anti-climactic as both Wolf and the legislature appear to be dug in on their positions.

Republican leaders vow to go to court again.

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There is still a big question mark about the 15th congressional district.

Corman says the U.S. Constitution gives lawmakers the power to draw congressional boundaries.

Congressional candidates already have been given two weeks' later deadlines for collecting the signatures needed to make the spring ballot.

"I rejected the map and, as far as I know, that was specifically what they asked me to do", he said.

Roughly a dozen candidates have said they intend to run in the 15th, which now includes parts of Northampton, Lehigh, Berks and Dauphin counties.

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