Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

Pandora Brings On-Demand Premium Service to Web

Pandora Brings On-Demand Premium Service to Web

The launch of Premium on the web comes at a time when Pandora is struggling in the face of fierce competition from top rivals Spotify and Apple Music, as well as Google and Amazon.

Pandora's box is opening wider.

Despite missing a few features, the Pandora Premium web app will certainly be useful for those who listen to music at their computers all day long; searching and organizing a music library is still a good bit easier on a bigger screen.

Another feature of the web app is the ability to give Pandora the power to create soundtracks based on just one or two songs added to a playlist.

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Pandora's Premium service isn't quite the major player that their massive user-base on Pandora radio is.

Search & Play: Whether you're looking for the ideal song, album, station or playlist on demand, we've got you covered with search results that are fast, accurate, and serve up what you want based on your listening history. In addition, users are able to collect and organise songs and albums they come across in a "My Music" section - which provides access to all the stations, artists, and playlists added. Or, when you search to add songs on your playlist page, Pandora will serve up recommendations based on the songs you've already included.

The company reported in its Q3 2017 earnings that its Premium subscribers crossed 1 million in October, and it has 5.19 million paying subscribers in total, including its mid-tier product, Pandora Plus.

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