Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
Research | By Jody Lindsey

Here's More Details About The Nintendo Labo Kits

Nintendo has lifted the lid on a bunch of new videos detailing its upcoming cardboard Nintendo Labo accessories, offering the first in-depth glance at how the various Toy-Cons will function.

Build your own wearable Toy-Con Robot suit and assume control of a giant in-game robot, completing challenges and destroying in-game objects to unlock powerful new abilities.

You can pre-order the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit from here or here; and the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit from here or here.

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The other two videos highlight each of the two kits that will be available at launch for the Nintendo Labo, the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. The Robot Kit even allows you to customize and level-up your in-game robot. It'll let players loop the sounds they make, use cardboard punchouts to record and play loops, and use it all together to record full songs.

Toy-Con Motorbike: Players can grab hold of their newly constructed handlebars and race through different tracks, challenging CPU opponents or collecting balloons across mountainous terrain. You can even create your own custom tracks, so start planning your designs now! Toy-Con Fishing Rod features many exotic fish to discover, with certain fish being more hard to catch. Aquarium mode allows players to show off their collection and have fun creating their own fish**. The Toy-Con House gives you a small cute animal to befriend and interact with while using the Joy-Cons in unique way. We get a better look at build-and-play options like the Toy-Con Piano and Toy-Con RC Car in the Variety Kit, and the two-player mode for the Robot Kit.

There are also two more unique titles: Toy-Con House and Toy-Con RC Car. Locally, it may be closer to the end of the month, with the Variety kit expected to retail at R929, and the robot Kit to be a little higher at R1099. You can either smash through a city, or challenge another Robot-Kit wearing friends to a two-player local battle. The cars can also be programmed via the IR sensor in the right Joy-Con to drive along a specific route.

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