Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
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Debate On The Fate Of DACA Has Officially Begun In The Senate

Debate On The Fate Of DACA Has Officially Begun In The Senate

Trump announced in September that he would end President Obama's program that protects some DREAMers from deportation, and he gave Congress until March 5 to come up with a legislative solution.

The Senate's Republican leadership set tomorrow as the deadline for striking a deal, and today was shaping up to be a day of consequential votes in the chamber on competing immigration plans, including the president's. Many Democrats consider some of the proposals, including limiting the relatives that legal immigrants can bring to the USA, to be non-starters. "I said we'd have an open and fair process. This is the question for the United States Senate: Do we want to pass a bill, or do we want to pass a law?" Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin said he thinks the proposal now has the support of eight or nine Republicans.

The White House said on Wednesday it opposes another bipartisan immigration measure proposed by Senators John McCain and Chris Coons, saying it would boost illegal immigration and fail to fix other immigration practices opposed by Trump.

The debate has faced its ups and downs with both parties reaching an impasse on the issue and Trump refusing to sign any immigration reform bill that does not include sufficient money for a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border. Republicans control the chamber 51-49, though Sen. Privately, some Republicans fumed a bill being sold as bipartisan had the fingerprints of Democratic leaders on it.

Whitney Potter, a spokeswoman for Heinrich, said the senator has "serious concerns" about the proposal to spend $25 billion on border security included in the bipartisan bill under consideration in the Senate.

"How many bills would they like to see, bipartisan bills? I wish [Congress] could come up with a plan that is comprehensive and kind", said David Sokosh, of Claverack.

Durbin says Chloe Kim showed an interest in snowboarding as a young girl, developing into one of the best in the world and capturing a gold medal for the the halfpipe Tuesday. Dick Durbin said. "But it is exciting to think that men and women elected to this body, known as the 'greatest deliberative body, ' are finally going to deliberate". "He spoke a little English, but he carried a Korean-English dictionary with him".

Durbin added that Jong Jin Kim "might not have passed some of the merit-based tests that we're hearing around here" from Republicans.

The bipartisan pact would grant a 10- to 12-year route to citizenship for the so-called Dreamers, who were brought to the country as children and lack permanent protection from deportation.

But Schumer said the Grassley plan unfairly targets family-based immigration and that making such broad changes as part of a plan to legalize just a few million people "makes no sense".

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A GOP bill tracking Trump's proposal and backed by McConnell has been introduced.

The U.S. Senate began a major immigration debate, its first in almost five years, on Monday evening.

"What would make it better?" The goal is to create a bill that can get at least 60 votes.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, second from left, speaks accompanied by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has missed the last several weeks while battling cancer.

Meadows and others said the Grassley measure isn't tough enough. It would provide possible citizenship for hundreds of thousands of Dreamers, $2.7 billion for border security and some changes in legal immigration rules.

"I am not willing to allow Dreamers to be used as political bargaining chips to advance President Trump's offensive and horribly wasteful border wall", Heinrich said in a statement Wednesday night. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, says Democrats need to back up their demand for action with hard work on finding a solution that Congress will pass and Trump will sign.

Federal judges have blocked Trump's bid to end the programme while litigation over the matter continues. At the same time, the president rejected any limited approach that deals only with "dreamers" - immigrants who have been in the country illegally since they were children - and border security.

Trump, thus far, has balked on that front. The DACA program is now accepting applications for two-year permit renewals but is not taking new applicants. His order, though, is more symbolically important than practical. A federal judge in California already had issued a similar injunction, and the Supreme Court is expected this week to consider whether it will take up the fight over DACA.

Garaufis also made clear he was not signaling that winding down DACA was unlawful.

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