Published: Wed, February 07, 2018
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HP entices VR creators with 'Pro' MR headset, Core X chips

HP entices VR creators with 'Pro' MR headset, Core X chips

But the headset is being launched alongside the HP Z4 desktop workstation, which now includes access to Intel's beefiest consumer processors, the 18-core Core i9-7980XE.

Hewlett-Packard, often known as simply HP, has stepped up its virtual reality game with the unveiling of a professional version of its Windows Mixed Reality Headset and a kit to give its professional customers a hand in creating VR, along with a revamped Z4 workstation for all those VR needs.

The new models of the Z4 Workstation are available now, and they start at $1,499.

An HP Z4 Workstation
An HP Z4 Workstation

When one thinks of modern VR, headsets come to mind. The headset also offers six degrees of freedom, integrated motion tracking, and the standard pair of Bluetooth controllers that ship with most Windows Mixed Reality Headsets. The headset has a 1440x1440 resolution per eye and up to a 90Hz refresh rate. The only real difference is the addition of replaceable, and cleanable, face cushions.

VR development and deployment is a time consuming and arduous process. It was developed together with Epic Games, and it's based on the popular Unreal Engine platform. Features include compatibility with Epic Games' Datasmith, a Workflow Toolkit for Unreal Engine that was introduced previous year; a VR Performance Profiler making it easier for companies to determine the right computer configurations when they deploy their VR solutions, giving them benchmarks and reports that indicate before rendering whether the software will run well on targeted hardware.

The headset also includes cabling in a variety of lengths so that you can neaten up your VR or mixed reality experience. Now, in a push to reach more VR-creation pros, the company has added options for Intel's most powerful consumer-grade processors, the Core X series, along with a commercial version of its Windows Mixed Reality headset.

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