Published: Wed, February 07, 2018
Research | By Jody Lindsey

A rebuilt Google+ Android app is coming out soon

A rebuilt Google+ Android app is coming out soon

Considering how Facebook and Twitter have many challenges - like fighting fake news and online harassment among other things - it will be interesting to see how Google+ will be in its latest avatar. However, it seems like Google''s long-lost social networking platform Google+ is getting a much-needed makeover, at least for the Android users for now.

Unfortunately for the company, Google+ never quite received the widespread adoption they may have hoped for, prompting them to ease or eliminate numerous platform's former restrictions and mandatory integrations over time. Leo Deegan, the engineering manager for Google+, has just announced that the company will soon release a "brand new version" of the app.

Since it's tough to say when, or indeed if, those new features will be rolling out, it's worth pointing out some of the app tweaks you'll be able to experience right now.

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It's not just under the hood, there are user facing updates which include 'stream rendering and scrolling have been improved, the photo lightbox has been redesigned, comment options slide up from a bottom sheet, and grey-spammed comments are now viewable by post authors'. Separate from any benefits to smoothness, the "complete rewrites" present in the new app should also come in handy for Google when adding additional features in the future.

For those who have already disabled the activation and want to check if things are running smoothly again, you can re-enable it by going to Settings Personalisation and pushing the tab back on. Take a look at the image Deegan attached alongside his post below.

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