Published: Tue, February 06, 2018
Research | By Jody Lindsey

Amazon is removing lock screen ads from its Prime Exclusive Phones

Amazon is removing lock screen ads from its Prime Exclusive Phones

They should still represent discounts over the regular price, but they won't necessarily be the sweet deals you're used to.

We should mention that although the ads are going away, your Prime Exclusive phone will still be littered with a wealth of preinstalled Amazon-backed apps like the main Amazon shopping portal, Amazon Video, Amazon Kindle, Audile, Prime Now and Amazon Music (among others). The excitement wore off though when customers realized the caveat: Amazon Prime Exclusive phones come with lock screen ads and promotions, which is why the prices were drastically discounted. Additionally, if you happen to own a Prime Exclusive Phone, you'll get an update that will remove those same ads.

The worst part of it, though, is the baked-in lock screen offers and ads.

The idea is to allow users to bypass the lock screen quicker, making room for features like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition.

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Starting tomorrow, February 7, 2018, Prime Exclusive Phones will be available to customers without lockscreen offers and ads. In exchange, customers get a decent discount on Android phones from well-known manufacturers, provided you're a member of the $99/year Amazon Prime program.

Amazon recognizes the customers rely on phone manufacturers lockscreens for security such as facial recognition, as well as using the lockscreen for personalization. There will also be a Special Offers widget on the home screen.

Existing Prime devices should receive an update to the Amazon offers app, which will wipe the lock-screen ads. The bootloaders are locked down, but that's not hugely important to most buyers.

Prime Exclusive phones are shipped with pre-loaded ads, which could technically make them immune to the Play Store rules.

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