Published: Wed, January 17, 2018
Industry | By Terrell Bush

FoxNet Acquires Cold Iron Studios, New 'Alien' Online Shooter in Development

FoxNet Acquires Cold Iron Studios, New 'Alien' Online Shooter in Development

Fox has just revealed that they're hoping to make an Alien game closer to the latter's quality with the video game studio they founded previous year.

A release date for this next Alien game was not announced. FoxNext was founded in January 2017 by Fox as an attempt to expand into the gaming market, who until now have been licensing their properties out to other publishers and developers. As you may have gathered from that list of games, Cold Iron is well-versed in creating massively online titles, and as such, its Alien-based shooter will apparently play to the studio's strengths in this department.

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There have been over a dozen Alien video games produced since the early '80s, and with varying levels of quality. However, these have primarily been on mobile and developed by third parties, encompassing titles like The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff and Futurama: Game of Drones. Most of the games based on the series have focused on action or shooting, while a few - like Isolation - have attempted to capture the sweaty dread of Ridley Scott's original film. Members of the team have taken the lead in such titles as Neverwinter, Metroid Prime 3, BioShock Infinite, City of Heroes, and more.

Cold Iron CEO Craig Zinkievich certainly seems revved up to be tackling the horror franchise... "We're all excited to be working on such a storied franchise". Even with the disappointment of Covenant - not to mention a scrapped Alien movie by Neill Blomkamp - you can always count on a steady stream of Alien-based games to be there for you. Not much is known about the project yet, but the studio did tell that the game will "explore areas of the universe that fans haven't got to experience".

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