Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
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Celebrity photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Weber accused of sexual misconduct

Celebrity photographers Mario Testino and Bruce Weber accused of sexual misconduct

The NYT investigation alleged that Mario Testino, who famously photographed a radiant Princess Diana in the last official portraits before her tragic death, subjected 13 male assistants to "sexual advances" including groping and masturbation.

The photographer, they claim, then guided their hands with his own.

Even as we stand with victims of abuse and misconduct, we must also hold a mirror up to ourselves - and ask if we are doing our utmost to protect those we work with so that unacceptable conduct never happens on our watch. "A lot of molestation", Sinclair said. Both photographers denied the allegations through legal representatives.

The allegations against Testino, The Times reports, date back to the 1990s.

"I'm completely shocked and saddened by the outrageous claims being made against me, which I absolutely deny", Mr. Weber said in a statement through his lawyer.

The law firm representing Testino, Lavely & Singer, pushed back on the allegations, saying it had spoken to former employees who said they were "shocked by the allegations" against Testino and that they "could not confirm any of the claims".

Testino's attorney, Andrew Brettler, said in an email to The Associated Press late Saturday, "We are not providing any further comment at this time".

Ryan Locke, a model who worked with Testino on Gucci campaigns, accused him of being aggressive and flirtatious throughout shoots, adding: "He was a sexual predator".

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"I went at him, like, you better get away", Locke said.

The men said that they felt not only violated by the unwanted sexual advances, but that they felt a clear choice between complying and being rewarded with lucrative work or rejecting the approaches and risk having their careers destroyed.

Testino's former assistant, Roman Barrett, accused the photographer of sexual misconduct, describing it as a "constant reality".

"I threw the towel on him, put my clothes on and walked out", the model said.

Several industries have been rocked by sexual-abuse allegations since women started coming forward to complain about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who has apologized for causing colleagues "a lot of pain" but has denied "any allegations of non-consensual sex".

The 63-year-old fashion photographer has captured the likenesses of the Royal family and many other well known celebrities, including Serena Williams for the latest cover of Vogue.

In a statement posted on the Vogue website, Anna Wintour also addressed the accusations, while noting that the magazine's publisher, Condé Nast, is rolling out a new Code of Conduct for outside contributors, which includes that models must pre-approve shoots that involve nudity or sexually suggestive poses.

In October, several magazines and fashion houses also said they would no longer work with fashion photographer Terry Richardson after he too was accused of harassing models, following years of rumors about his behavior.

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