Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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Will Sexual Misconduct Allegations Cost James Franco An Oscar Nomination?

Will Sexual Misconduct Allegations Cost James Franco An Oscar Nomination?

Meanwhile, actor James Franco won the Best Actor in a Comedy for his role in "The Disaster Artist", but skipped the Critics' Choice Awards ceremony because of the sexual misconduct allegations on the actor.

Franco just won the best actor Golden Globe for his role as Tommy in The Disaster Artist.

Five women, including former students at his Studio 4 acting school in NY and an actress, have shared stories about the Disaster Artist actor, with one having said it was "an abuse of power", the LA Times reported. In 2014, he used Instagram to ask a 17-year-old girl he'd met outside a NY theater if she had a boyfriend and whether she was 18.

Of the five women, four were Franco's students from an acting school that he ran for a while. A fifth woman accused Franco of pressuring her into performing fellatio while the pair were in a relationship two years ago.

Tither-Kaplan also said she saw one woman fired after she refused to do one of Franco's requested nude scenes.

All of the women - Hilary Dusome, Natalie Chmiel and Katie Ryan - were former acting students of the star.

On Tuesday, Franco told The Late Show's Stephen Colbert that none of the claims made on Twitter were accurate but that he supports both the Time's Up movement and women speaking out.

Violet Paley, who was among the firsts to accuse Franco, said during a consensual relationship, he once pressured her to perform oral sex in a auto and that the "power dynamic was really off".

"I personally checked on all the actresses constantly to make sure they were OK and comfortable", she said.

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Dusome, along with several other female students, was selected to be in a project of Franco's, a project that was described as footage to be used in a jeans commercial.

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In addition to incidents alleged at Franco's school, Studio 4, actresses said that the 39-year-old put them in uncomfortable working situations when he taught at the Playhouse West in North Hollywood. She told the LA Times that she had asked Franco "can we do this later?", but that "he was kind of nudging my head down, and I just didn't want him to hate me, so I did it".

When asked by Colbert whether there could be a reconciliation between people who have different views, Franco said if he's done something wrong, he'll fix it. Paley said she thought the two would hang out on set, but instead Franco came out to her auto and asked her to drive to a different location.

The admittance of a consensual relationship has prompted some to disbelieve her and like Sarah Tither-Kaplan, responded in a negative manner.

"I am still reading it the same as everyone else, trying to discern what is or isn't there", co-creator and executive producer David Simon said Thursday in a statement. He has has denied the allegations made against him.

"I'm really disappointed", Paley said.

She then added: "Why is a man hosting?"

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