Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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Trump's most recent slur confirms he is a racist

Trump's most recent slur confirms he is a racist

America's greatness is built on diversity, or have you forgotten your immigrant background, Donald? He said give me more Norwegians and fewer people of color.

During the negotiations, some lawmakers have proposed granting visas to individuals from Haiti, El Salvador and multiple African nations who are in the USA on temporary protected status. But that support was also a source of frustration since much of the money was spent on US troops that responded to the immediate aftermath and later aid focused on long-term projects that appeared to have little to do with the disaster, such as the development of an industrial park in the north of the country, far from the quake zone. Trump said, according to these people, referring to countries mentioned by the lawmakers. Wages were less than a third of what they were in the United States.

But given his previous call for a "Muslim ban" and other public statements, other experts aren't sure this latest comment makes much legal difference.

An emotional Sunny Hostin on "The View" Friday, noting that her husband's family is from Haiti, said she's always resisted labeling Trump because she couldn't look into his heart.

"Shame on him and those who don't hold him accountable", she tweeted.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) felt similarly, wrapping an endorsement of merit-based immigration into a mealy-mouthed rebuke of the president. The statement was confirmed by Fox News.

"With what authority do you proclaim who's welcome in America and who's not".

"As someone from South Shithole, Trevor is deeply offended by the president's remarks", The Daily Show tweeted of its South African-born host, Trevor Noah. In more recent times, the US supported the brutal dictator "Papa Doc" Francois Duvalier as well as the son who succeeded him until he in turn was ousted. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as "Pocahontas", to honor Native Americans who served in World War II.

Yale Law School professor Peter Schuck said he thinks the Court will be "very reluctant to take into account informal comments made in a closed political bargaining session a year after the ban was imposed and not relating to Muslims".

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The White House has not denied his use of racially charged rhetoric.

Florida GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said Trump's comments were "completely unacceptable", telling WPLG-TV in Miami that "if that's not racism, I don't know how you can define it".

"[Haiti] has been struggling with its democracy and extreme poverty for many years", Davidson told HuffPost.

The US has about a little over 6,000 forces in Africa in about 53 different countries, where they focus on countering extremist groups and illicit activity, as well as peacekeeping, humanitarian aid and disaster response.

And on arrival in the United States these Norwegian immigrants remained at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.

Trump was calling out nationality, not race.


He has been reticent at times to criticize white nationalists who support him.

"It's like we're going back to white supremacy", Beatrice Jacquet said.

When Trump said he wanted fewer immigrants coming to the USA from Haiti, El Salvador or the entire continent of Africa, and more from places like Norway, he was saying exactly that and nothing more, his supporters argue. Those individuals are chosen by the US and then vetted, and there is no indication that they pose a greater threat than other immigrants or native-born citizens. "Why don't we get more people from Norway?" But do we really need to spray asterisk sanitizer on a word that 1) everyone knows; 2) is heard on regular cable TV; and 3) was a direct quote from the President of the United States? It is a lovely story of America, and that is a great story and that is the story we have today and that is a story we had yesterday and that is what makes this country so exceptional and unique in the first place.

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