Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Business | By Tara Barton

SFO flight almost lands on wrong runway

An Aeromexico jet planned to land on a runway occupied by a commercial jet before air traffic controllers ordered the Aeromexico jet to abort its landing at San Francisco International Airport on Tuesday morning.

An airplane almost landed on the wrong runway at San Francisco International Airport on Tuesday, the third incident since July.

An Aeromexico flight had to abort its landing Tuesday when it was discovered it was lined up to land on an incorrect runway.

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Controllers tried to hail the aircraft multiple times and used a light gun to wave off the aircraft, but the Air Canada pilots continued the approach and landed safely on Runway 28R, the FAA said.

An airplane arriving at San Francisco International Airport on Tuesday nearly landed on the wrong runway where another plane was waiting to depart, according to a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman. Aeromexico Flight 668 was given clearance to land on Runway 28R at SFO Airport, but for unknown reasons, the pilots aligned the Boeing 737-800 with the runway next to it, 28L.

The pilot eventually noticed the problem and circled around, passing within just 59 feet of the runway, fueling speculation that a mass casualty event could have occurred in the event of a collision between Flight AC759 and the planes waiting to take off. During the latter incident, air traffic control was not sure if another aircraft would clear the runway by the time the Air Canada jet was ready to land. FAA officials are now investigating the incident, Gregor said. The FAA is investigating the Air Canada incident along with the National Transportation Safety Board.

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