Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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N Korea 'likely' to attend Winter Games

N Korea 'likely' to attend Winter Games

Trying to divine Kim's thinking from North Korean propaganda broadcasts is about as unrewarding as deconstructing Trump's tweets. In addition to taunting the claiming to have his own "button", he used his New Year's address to take up Moon's offer of talks over the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The tentative rapprochement comes after the North's leader Kim Jong-Un warned in his New Year speech that he had a nuclear button on his desk, but also said Pyongyang could send a team to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

North Korea and South Korea remain technically at war more than six decades after open hostilities ceased, with more than 30,000 American troops and the USA nuclear umbrella pledged to Seoul's defense.

The US President also told reporters that Mr Kim - who has previously threatened the US with a nuclear attack - knows he is not "messing around". That's why Moon and Trump agreed to continue the campaign of maximum pressure against North Korea and to not repeat mistakes of the past.

If continued talks are predicated on a pause in the North's nuclear and long-range missile tests, they will have served a useful objective.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are at a high point not seen in several years, as Trump wants Pyongyang to halt development of a nuclear weapon that could hit the United States, while the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) believes that having a nuclear weapon is the only way to defend its government from the United States.

Jacob Bogle  Twitter    
     MYSTERY The base is located in the Hamgyong Province under the coordinates 41.89599° 129.9498
Jacob Bogle Twitter MYSTERY The base is located in the Hamgyong Province under the coordinates 41.89599° 129.9498

A commentary Sunday published by the state-run Korean Central News Agency in Pyongyang described improved ties with Seoul as a "crucial matter", departing from its usually dismissive tone toward the South. But South Korea and the USA has maintained that the exercises were defensive in nature.

"I'd love to see them take it beyond the Olympics".

The two Koreas have been separated by the world's most heavily militarised border since the Korean War ended in a stalemate in 1953.

As for the agenda, the announcement by Ri Son-gwon, the North's top official for inter-Korean relations, on Wednesday appeared to hint that the it will focus on North Korea's participation in the Olympics.

Asked by reporters at Beijing airport, Chang Ung said the participation of a North Korean figure skating pair will probably happen, the reports said.

"North Korea would love to see a growing gap between US and South Korea, but its really a byproduct of North Korean goals rather than its objective", Go added. "I evaluate this change highly", Abe said, adding that the regime must "abandon its nuclear weapons and missiles" program. The timing suggests, as Kim himself did in his speech, that worldwide sanctions are beginning to cause real pain inside North Korea.

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