Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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Detective Pikachu Comes to the West on March 23

Detective Pikachu Comes to the West on March 23

We've added some story details about the game which includes original Japan-only chapters along with new content that rounds off the story, and a new easy mode.

Fans were anxious the game wouldn't get released in the West, because of the expensive translation job involved, but not only will it be out here on March 23 but it will include extra locations not in the original Japanese version, plus an easy mode. Another reward for patient fans will be the absurdly large special edition Detective Pikachu amiibo coming out alongside the game. Pikachu will be voiced by Ryan Reynolds with Justice Smith as the as yet unnamed male lead. The plot follows Tim Goodman, a newcomer to Ryme City, who meets the eponymous Detective Pikachu, a tough talking, hardboiled detective. We've only been clamoring for some investigative hijinks with the most popular Pokémon around since the game was originally announced, after all. Sometimes they give out hints, but most of the time they are just Pikachu up to his usual antics. When used, it will allow players to view all Pika Prompts - short video clips - from completed chapters and those which they missed finding earlier. At just under 14 centimeters tall, it's nearly double the size of the Super Smash Bros.-edition Pikachu Amiibo.

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The game sees you play as a human detective named Tim Goodman alongside his Pokemon partner, Pikachu. As you make your way through Ryme City, you'll uncover clues, bag witnesses, and unravel secrets along the way.

Detective Pikachu is directed by Rob Letterman, known for his work on Goosebumps, and written by Alex Hirsh (Gravity Falls).

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