Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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Brexit: Nigel Farage says second referendum would "kill off" remainers

Brexit: Nigel Farage says second referendum would

When approached for comment, Mr Farage told the Telegraph he was a victim of "arbitrary law".

Labour MP Chuka Umunna told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the version of Brexit offered to voters in 2016, including an additional £350 million a week being made available for priorities like the NHS, "is not transpiring to be delivered". "We now know the reality".

"I voted to leave, my husband voted to remain, in our household we collectively agree that getting the best for Britain is the priority - and from speaking with my constituents both residents and business owners, that is their priority too".

Under EU rules, full-time assistants to MEPs are not allowed to do paid work for national parties, while part-time assistants must have their second jobs vetted by the European Parliament watchdog to prevent conflicts of interest. That is how deep my distrust is for career politicians.

"This poses a big question for Leavers". Do we stick with the view that the result will stand or acknowledge the fact that we face this potential threat?'

"We should just get on with it".

Mr Farage was one of the leading figures in the Leave campaign, which won the referendum with 51.9% of votes.

Last week former Ukip leader Mr Farage was blasted by pro Brexit supporters after using a live TV appearance to suggest there should be a second referendum on the UK's membership of the EU
Brexit: Nigel Farage says second referendum would "kill off" remainers

Following the revelation, Mr Farage told the MailOnline website that the European Union was "just being vindictive" to him because of his role in the Brexit vote and that he was being treated as "guilty until proven innocent".

The former Ukip leader suggested a fresh vote would put an end to "whinging and whining" by opponents of Brexit such as Tony Blair, Nick Clegg and Lord Adonis.

Mr Bolton said UKIP's policy was to oppose a second referendum but Mr Farage had been making the point that the Leave camp needs to "unite" and "mobilise" to ensure Theresa May's government delivers Brexit.

Farage first announced his somewhat surprising new standpoint on Channel 5's The Wright Stuff on Thursday, January 11.

"They will go on whinging and whining and moaning all the way through this process", he added. "The percentage that would vote to leave would be very much bigger than last time and we may just finish the whole thing off and Blair could disappear into total obscurity".

The ex Ukip leader, who met with the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Mr Barnier this week, said he has become convinced Brussels is determined to give the United Kingdom a bad deal to punish the country for quitting the bloc.

"Even putting aside the astronomical and completely unjustified public cost of a second referendum, Farage's comments are an open goal for the Remain camp", she wrote on the Brexit central website.

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