Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Entertaiment | By Mabel Barber

Silicon Valley Season 5 Trailer Released

Silicon Valley Season 5 Trailer Released

"Silicon Valley" season 5 will debut on HBO on Sunday night, March 25 and this will be the first season without T.J. Miller playing incubator host Erlich Bachman. Warning: If you're sensitive to character's vomiting on-screen, you may want to avert your eyes. When asked to speak a few words of welcome to the group, Richard being Richard - socially inept and forever tongue-tied - makes a break for his office to barf into a wastepaper basket.

There are standard Silicon Valley-type hijinks elsewhere, with Dinesh Chugtai (Kumail Nanjiani) coming across a dead pig in the back of someone's vehicle, and Bertram Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) and Dinesh racing each other in a home-made tricycle and what seems like a Tesla Model S, respectively.

Though he got access to the all-important patent from Hooli CEO Gavin Belson (Matt Ross), Hendricks turned down the acquisition offer, which has put them at each other's throats once again. After briefly joining forces with Richard last season, Gavin is back to being a thorn in his side, needling Richard at a cocktail party about his "little bunny internet".

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The comedy series returns on March 25th at 10 PM ET/PT on the premium cable network.

It's fitting that the first Silicon Valley season 5 trailer has been released in the midst of the Consumer Electronics Show week.

If you've been a fan of the show you'll find all but one of the cast members that have been a permanent fixture in the series.

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