Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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San Francisco Bay Area jolted awake by magnitude 4.4 natural disaster

San Francisco Bay Area jolted awake by magnitude 4.4 natural disaster

A 4.4 magnitude quake struck early Thursday in Berkeley, California, according to a preliminary report from the US Geological Survey, jolting some residents of the densely populated San Francisco Bay area awake in their beds.

In 2008, the US Geological Survey found there was a 99% chance of a huge quake hitting California, which sits on the San Andreas fault which is part of the "Ring of Fire".

The Bay Area is often referred to as "earthquake country" and simple steps to prepare for any emergency is never a bad idea. "We checked out the house and were very shocked that nothing was knocked off the dividers or off racks and onto floor".

"It's a hot spot on the Hayward Fault", Schwartz told KQED. "I can tell you that it was a long, violent shaking. No damage that I can see, but a good 5-10 seconds of violent shaking". She originally thought someone had kicked down her front door.

The quick jolt woke many people up.

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Social media posts showed people were awakened some 40 miles (64 kilometers) to the north and south, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. Near San Francisco International Airport, several jolts could be felt.

However, the aftershocks are "always smaller than the mainshock" and would likely not exceed a magnitude of 4.5.

This is in addition to a large number of bay area infrastructures like the Bart system, as well as water, gas, and electrical systems.

Riders on those first trains will experience a 20-minute delay.

The Hayward fault is the current fault with the highest probability of an natural disaster to happen, according to Drysdale. "Normal speeds will resume following". Asking if an natural disaster occurred is not an emergency.

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